Collection and recycling

Most countries have regulations for proper collection and environmentally sound treatment of electrical and electronic wasted equipment, WEEE. The regulations states obligations regarding the collection and recycling as well as the financing of the scheme. This applies to such waste from household users (in some countries defined as consumer products) which may end up in municipal waste systems – and this category waste also from other types of users, such as i. e. businesses.

In accordance with local legislation Norlux AS will accept and temporarily store products Norlux AS has brought on to the market in Norway.  This category of products is recognized by a duly placed dustbin logo on the product.

Norlux AS meets all obligations under the WEEE Directive and equivalent for non-EU countries, as well as its implementation in accordance with the member states’ national legislation. In Norway this is defined in the regulations relating to the recycling of waste, 2004-06-01, no. 930, as amended.

WEEE symbol

In accordance with national legislation Norlux AS accepts products that the company has sold in the market after 13 Th. August 2005 – these products are identified by the dustbin logo, placed on the equipment. Norlux also accepts to receive products that the company has sold to the market before 13 Th. August 2005 when they have been replaced by a similar product or a product with similar function. Norlux AS offers its customers recycling following “Norsirk” guidelines for the collection of products sold by the company. More information is found on the website of “Norsirk”, please check the link on the right hand side of the page for further information.

Norlux AS has an agreement on participation with Norsirk about environmentally responsible collection and handling of WEEE. 

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