Sonos iPort Xpress Audio Button Panel

  • Remote control for Sonos
  • Play music, adjust volume or skip to the next song
  • Add custom scenes
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Apps are central to all the technology we love in our homes. But whether running apps on your phone or on a dedicated iPad in one of our IPORT products, some app functions may be too cumbersome or take too much time to access. That’s why we made a suite of Buttons products, to provide instant access to the key functions needed.

xPRESS provides this for SONOS, complimenting any system with convenient buttons that can be installed literally anywhere. Surface Mount with Buttons takes any Control System to the next level with agnostic buttons that can be programmed to do literally anything from activating Scenes and Macros to instantly activating discrete commands.

Simplify App-based home control with IPORT’s Buttons.