Norlux is a leading and innovative supplier of interior lighting. Ever since 1997, we have worked continuously to get the best lighting for you. No matter what project you work with, Norlux is your obvious supplier of lighting for the Interior market.

Light affects us more than we think, and the choice of interior lighting is therefore both demanding and important to create the right atmosphere. Our sales department is ready to guide you and prepare a good light plan. When using Norlux lighting solutions we can ensure that you get the right solution based on the latest technology of energy-saving lighting and light management.

In addition to affecting well-being and lifting your spirit, light also plays a very important part in creating the right moods in your home. With the help of a well-thought-out lighting plan, we can affect your rooms both visually and functionally.

Please contact our sales department and we will help you with your projects!

We’ll help you with your project

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Norlux Interiør

Chioi Restaurant Stockholm

En vietnamesisk restaurant i hjertet av Stockholm med en moderne stilart som krever moderne og gjennomtenkt belysning. Norlux har levert en moderne og energieffektiv belysningsløsning til restauranten.

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