Norlux delivers energy-efficient lighting solutions. We are the market leader in retail lighting, where our roots are. We benefit from the experience and expertise from retail in the other markets in which we operate. Norlux has grown to be a force to be reckoned with in our other focus areas as well. Our aim is to have solutions for everyone and a solution for everything.

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Norlux Retail


Guaranteed results with the correct lighting. Our lighting designers plans and creates creative possibilities to attract customers and to create the best shopping experience in your store.

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Commercial Project

The first impression and a good experience is important. Well planned and good lighting solutions compensate for the natural light.

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Horeca / Hospitality


The lighting greets the guests welcome. Customized and designed lighting solutions create a relaxing atmosphere in hotels, restaurants, bars and cafés.

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Norlux Interiør


Versatile and adjustable lighting creates comfort and promotes the interior. Mood and atmosphere with warm lighting provides personal experiences and a little touch of luxury.

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Exciting and attractive lighting for safe and aesthetic outdoor areas that highlights facades, signs, park and outdoor environments.

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Norlux Light Management Systems

Light Management Systems

Light Management Systems, or LMS, as we abbreviate it, has one simple goal: To create smart light management solutions by utilizing innovative technology.

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We are a leading supplier of complete integrated and custom light and audio solutions in premium residential and commercial areas all over Scandinavia.

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