Light Management Systems

Norlux is one of the Nordic region’s leading suppliers of lighting. As a natural extension of our concept, we established a separate focus on Light Management Systems in 2018.

Light Management Systems (LMS) has a single purpose: to create smart solutions for light by using innovative technology. Optimized light control ensures maximum energy savings, comfort, and productivity.

We offer solutions for different segments, with different functionality, in different price ranges. Norlux is proud to be a certified implementation partner and supplier of Lutron Electronics, one of the world’s leading brands with focus on high quality light management products and software. In addition to this, we are one of the largest distributors of Casambi products in Norway.

Every LMS project is unique. When meeting with us for the first time we are primarily advisors for your project. After the initial dialogue we will be moving on to the drawing board, where we outline light control components for your project. As a costumer of Norlux, when implementing the system, you will be helped by one of our technicians who program the solution specified.

Different customers have different needs. Our experienced professionals will recommend solutions specifically tailored to meet the needs of your project.

Please contact our sales department and we will help you!

Sven Christian Nordlund
Sven Christian Nordlund
Sales Engineer
Light Management Systems

+47 99 20 23 93

We’ll help you with your project

Are you in need of a light management system for your project? We will help you with solutions customized for your need – small or large. Have a chat with Sven Christian or find your contact person.


Norlux Light Management Systems

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