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Norlux is a leading and innovative supplier of complete lighting solutions since 1997. We have long experience that will help you to get the best solution for all your Commercial projects for warehouse, offices, production facilities and health institutions.

We deliver and design light solutions that contribute to predictability in terms of operation and maintenance in the form of energy efficient solutions. In addition to energy efficient and optimal operating lighting, our lighting solutions also ensures good working environment in warehouse, office, production facilities and health institutions.

Norlux, with one of the Nordics largest professional environment and their own warehouse in Norway will ensure that the products and solutions will be adapted to the costumers need and desires.

When choosing Norlux as your partner inn commercial lighting, you can be sure that you get the best possible solution for your needs.

Jørn Karlsen
Jørn Karlsen
Sales Engineer, Commercial Project

+47 41 85 02 12

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Norlux Commercial

Korniveien 3

Korniveien 3 is a office -and storage building located on Barkåker, just outside Tønsberg in southern Norway, where the construction company iBygg is located. The lighting in the building are supposed to be something fresh and modern in the offices and more functional in the warehouse.

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