7-Eleven Copenhagen Airport

7-Eleven Copenhagen Airport

7-Eleven opened its latest convenience store at Copenhagen Airport’s Terminal 2 in January 2023, providing high quality products to the terminal’s passengers and personnel.

Power Rud

Power Rud

Power Rud is currently the largest Power store in the Nordic region and as a lighting supplier for the store chain, Norlux implemented a flexible track system foreseeing any future changes in the store’s layout.

Champion Brand Store - Stockholm

Champion Brand Store

Champions Brand Store in Stockholm is the first of its kind in the Nordic Region – with a genuine Brooklyn feeling! We’ve created a concept in close dialogue with the customer, where we focused on the visual feeling and the character of the light settings contrasts and shadows, using narrow beamed light, which evokes drama and excitement.

Sarek Stockholm


The new brand Sarek, has a vision to create an experience that takes you all the way out into nature. In this concept Norlux has supplied a unique customer experience, combining lighting, audio and scent, evoking and stimulating the senses.

Toyota Norway Photo frame

Good lighting is essential when it comes to photography – and it’s especially important when photographing cars. Norlux has delivered a lighting solution for a photo frame providing lighting from all angles, making it perfect for photographing cars that Toyota Norway are putting up for sale.

Vinmonopolet Grünerløkka

The building in Nordre Gate 16, in one of Oslo’s most popular neighborhoods, Grûnerløkka, is a protected building that Vinmonopolet acquired after the traditional café «Beckers». The light concept was developed in respect with the old style of the building.

Sport 1 Snø

Norlux is supplier of store lighting for the Sport 1 chain, og we Norlux is the supplier of retail lighting to the Sport 1 chain, where we are proud to have delivered the lighting to Sport 1 Snø. The large-scale store, 2000m², is probably the most pleasant sports store in the Norway at the moment.