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GANT Store Bogstadveien

Located in one of Oslo’s most popular shopping thoroughfares, Bogstadveien, we now find the new GANT Store. Norlux had the pleasure of providing lighting and audio solutions, when the renowned Nordseth clothing store was rebuilt into new stylish premises for GANT. Join the tour and see the result.

Located at Bogstadveien 37, the new GANT Store resides in a building, which also housed skating hero, Oscar Mathiesen, and has a lot of history etched on its walls. For many years it was a popular destination for shoppers on Majorstua visiting the Nordseth clothing store. Times change, and when GANT took over there was a need for major remodeling and renewal of the premises. What meets us now is a store that exudes style and quality. Here, tradition meets contemporary solutions.

The entrance area
Outdoors, the choice has fallen on the discreet Cold 5 Outdoor downlight which, together with the Rod Midi Spotlights in the display windows, create a bright and inviting entrance that entices the customers into the store.

The men’s department
GANT required a total renewal of the premises and at the same time, respecting the restrictions regarding the building’s heritage. After thorough inspections and reviews of the premises the Norlux design team prepared a lighting plan for the new store concept.

Faced with a low ceiling height, there was a requirement for luminaires that provide very good light without taking up too much space in the ceiling. The Aram Maxi Double recessed spotlight is ideal for this purpose. It can be used both as a downlight and as a spotlight angled towards the side. The ceiling surface looks neat and harmonious at the same time, so that the ceiling does not steal attention from the merchandise.

GANT started as a shirt manufacturer back in 1949. Correct color reproduction is important both for traditional white shirts and especially for more colorful garments. Norlux naturally supplies lighting with a high (CRI) color rendering value so that the colors of the clothes are perceived correctly.

The position of sales
With a recessed light source, the Cold 5 downlight provides excellent working light for the employees without irritating glare.

Recessed sound system
Norlux has supplied a complete sound system to the store. The In-Ceiling recessed speakers from Sonos Architectural by Sonance are barely noticeable, yet the high quality audio creates a pleasant atmosphere and contributes to a positive shopping experience.

The fitting room
In the area in and around the fitting room, the light is slightly dimmed to create a calmer ambience for the customer. Outside the fitting rooms, discreet Cold 5 downlights are used. Inside the fitting rooms, the Ceto Fixed downlight provides good quality light without glare. Light with correct color reproduction also provides the customer with the correct perception of the colors during the fittings.

The women’s department
On the second floor we find the women’s department. The same fittings are used here as on the lower floor. The spotlight Aram Maxi Single is used to illuminate GANT’s big G by the stairs.

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Aram Maxi Double Square


Aram Maxi Single Square


Rod Midi Spotlight


Ceto Fixed Downlight


Cold 5 Outdoor Downlight


Cold 5 Downlight


Sonos In-Ceiling Speakers by Sonance


Sonos Amp


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