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Sport 1 Snø

Norlux is the supplier of retail lighting to the Sport 1 chain, where we are proud to have delivered the lighting to Sport 1 Snø. The large-scale store, 2000m², is probably the most pleasant sports store in the Norway at the moment.

In the premises, we have used the Lobus spotlight combined with Linear mounted in tracks. This provides a tight and modern expression, and the result is a welcoming store with straight lines and optimal product exposure. For the décor, we’ve used Riva LED-bar, which easily highlights mirrors and showcases footwear in the best possible way. We accept both small and large projects and will gladly help you with solutions customized your needs.

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Leif Roger Budeng-Larsen
Leif Roger Budeng-Larsen
Sales Manager, Retail Norway

+47 99 20 23 74

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