As a leading supplier of professional lighting solutions and products in the Nordic Region, Norlux has built a solid foundation of expertise that helps our broad customer base with a strong brand identity. Here is a selection of recent projects that reflect the scope and breadth of our work.

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Coop Mega Slependen

Coop Mega Slependen

From old to new. Norlux contributed to the upgrade of Coop’s store in Slependen. Phased-out fluorescent fixtures, halogen & metal halide track lights have been replaced, and the store has been upgraded to Coop’s supermarket concept, Coop Mega. The chain’s most engaging stores provide an abundant selection of products, local food and fresh produce, such as fish, meat and baked goods. Norlux created the lighting concept and provided the solutions that highlight the store’s brand.
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Hos Martin - Victoria

Hos Martin – Victoria

With a bakery, restaurant and event rooms, the family-driven restaurateur, Hos Martin can now be found on the first floor of the newly renovated Hotel Victoria in Frederikstad. The comprehensive modernization demanded a flexible lighting solution that underscored the precise atmosphere suited for all occasions.
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Nedre Langgate 19

Nedre Langgate 19

In competition with selected lighting operators, Norlux’s proposal was chosen to provide a lighting solution for Nedre Langgate 19, a newly constructed 3.100m² office building, centrally located in Tønsberg and just a stone’s throw away from the wharf. We were thrilled to take part in this exciting project. Let’s take a closer look at the solutions we chose.
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Hogsnes Helsehus

Hogsnes Helsehus

The healthcare building, Hogsnes Helsehus, was designed to cater for the needs of 120 residents and their carers, embracing spatial scale, materials and modern technology. Norlux collaborated with Tønsberg Municipality providing a lighting solution for the impressive 14.000m² project, which opened its doors in January 2023.
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Private residence

Private residence

Norlux specializes in creating professional lighting solutions to exclusive residential properties. Take a look at the latest project we delivered in close collaboration with the owners of this stylish villa in the Nøtterøy Archipelago in Norway.
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Power Rud

Power Rud

Power Rud is currently the largest Power store in the Nordic region and as a lighting supplier for the store chain, Norlux implemented a flexible track system foreseeing any future changes in the store’s layout.
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Champion Brand Store - Stockholm

Champion Brand Store

Champions Brand Store in Stockholm is the first of its kind in the Nordic Region – with a genuine Brooklyn feeling! We’ve created a concept in close dialogue with the customer, where we focused on the visual feeling and the character of the light settings contrasts and shadows, using narrow beamed light, which evokes drama and excitement.
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Sarek Stockholm


The new brand Sarek, has a vision to create an experience that takes you all the way out into nature. In this concept Norlux has supplied a unique customer experience, combining lighting, audio and scent, evoking and stimulating the senses.
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