Environment policy

We work continuously with plans for improvements regarding environmental impact and the environmental burdens associated with own operations. Norlux is a certified Eco Lighthouse.

We act as consultants, supplier and partner of lighting solutions for both the present and the future.

We perceive the consequences of our solutions and deliver in order to meet today’s needs, without jeopardizing the opportunities for future generations meeting their needs and impact on nature and the environment in general. We also work actively and constantly with minimizing environmental impact related to our own – and our customers business.

Norlux AS contributes to a sustainable society through development and implementation of innovative lighting solutions. By doing so we contribute to a human centric lighting and reduced energy consumption. We are deeply concerned that our advice and choice of solutions demonstrate consideration for the vulnerability of society. We actively use our expertise in environmental -, safety – and risk evaluation as well as in our consultant work and in connection with the daily operation of delivered lighting solutions to our customers.

Daily requirements for environmental considerations in routines of carrying out tasks, in line with requirements for safeguarding, among other issues like health, safety and quality. This is to ensure that we give good advice and adequate deliveries to our customers so that the environment is safeguarded in the absolute most appropriate way.

Environmental requirements, we have prepared strict requirements for our own operation. We have identified environmental measures in the areas of energy, transport, waste and procurement. Some of these measures have already been implemented, while others are more comprehensive and requires more thorough investigation before they can be implemented. A plan for implementation is in process.

Our environmental policy is an integrated part of our company’s quality system that is implemented. It is both a management responsibility and a responsibility for each individual employee to help ensure that the plan is complied with, is kept up to date and constantly improved.

The impact our business entails directly by using resources, creating pollution, waste and transport is very limited, however it is both desirable and fully possible to improve it through concrete measures. By environment here we think of the external environment, such as reduction of energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions as well as hazardous substances for health and the environment and a reduction of resource consumption in general.

We are constantly working on plans and actions for improving the impact our own business has on the environment.

Norlux has been a certified Eco Lighthouse from 2020.
See our Eco Lighthouse report here.

Do you have any suggestions on how we can improve our environmental work?
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