Operation and maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance instructions

Cleaning of Norlux products can be limited to simple cleaning. Before starting the cleaning, the voltage must be switched off at the fixture.

Electrical components such as sensors and the like, as well as connections must not be exposed to water or moisture.

In general, Norlux products can be dusted with a dry cloth. If further, thorough cleaning is necessary, this can be done with a soft sponge and clean, lukewarm water, possibly with a neutral soap added. Note that the soap must not contain abrasives, and solvents must not be used for cleaning.

After cleaning, the product should be dried with a dry, lint-free cloth so that the water does not leave unnecessary shields or limescale stains, which is particularly important on the front glass and lenses.

Products with a reflector from Norlux always have a front glass, therefore it will normally never be necessary to do anything other than a light cleaning of the glass. If the reflector is to be cleaned, this should be done with care. It is recommended to wear gloves to prevent your fingers from touching the aluminum directly. Here too, drying with a lint-free cloth will be sufficient.

If there are product-specific requirements for cleaning, this will be stated in the product’s installation manual. The manual for each individual product can be found on its product page on norlux.com.

The interval for cleaning must be adapted to the relevant environment in which the product is installed. However, it is recommended to clean the product at least once a year.

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