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We are launching Norlux Wireless Connect – a ground-breaking and affordable system for energy saving and lighting control. In our system, we combine highly energy-efficient luminaires with the latest in sensor technology and wireless communication. Add time-saving installation and easy app control, and you have an exceptionally good lighting solution – so good, in fact, that you can save up to 90% energy compared to older lighting systems.

Make older lighting systems smart

Norlux Wireless Connect is an optimal solution for the rehabilitation of lighting systems. The lighting control does not require any additional wiring. Simply replace older luminaires with new luminaires prepared for Norlux Wireless Connect, and you get a smart and modern lighting solution. Once the system is ready, all you need is a mobile phone with the Norlux Wireless Connect app.

Reduce energy consumption

With Norlux Wireless Connect, mesh networks of luminaires are formed in sensor-controlled zones. When a sensor is triggered, all luminaires in the same zone will light up. As the light is only on when needed, energy consumption is reduced considerably. This functionality makes Norlux Wireless Connect an ideal system for, among other things, garages and parking houses.

The fixtures themselves reduce energy consumption by up to 60% compared to older systems. If you add control with Norlux Wireless Connect, energy savings will be up to 90%. With such a large cut in energy consumption, an upgrade to Norlux Wireless Connect will be an investment that quickly pays off and becomes profitable.

Norlux Wireless Connect app

Norlux Wireless Connect is operated via its own app.

We’ll help you with your project!

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User friendly

With Norlux Wireless Connect, you address lamps individually or in groups using the Bluetooth® Low Energy Mesh 4.2 & 5.0 protocols. Control and programming is done easily using a mobile phone or tablet and the Norlux Wireless Connect app.

The mesh network has a range of up to 50 meters between the nodes. No internet access is needed for programming in the App.


The Norlux Wireless Connect App uses data encryption to ensure mesh network security. The configuration is saved in an encrypted QR code, the nodes in the network are only accessible via the Norlux Wireless Connect App with the correct QR code.

Optimized light output

Luminaire-level lighting control refers to a type of lighting control system where each individual lamp is equipped with its own control unit with an integrated sensor, which enables independent control at lamp level. The lamps detect movement and can adjust light output based on daylight to provide comfort, safety and energy saving.

Patented Gateway-free connection mode

Norlux Wireless Connect

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