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Power Rud

Power Rud is currently the largest Power store in the Nordic region and as a lighting supplier for the store chain, Norlux implemented a flexible track system foreseeing any future changes in the store’s layout.

The light concept focused on creating a palette of color temperatures, both bringing out the best of the merchandise and creating a welcoming atmosphere in a large-scale retail space. In the store we have used a lot of spotlights and a track system that is built in a way that makes is easier to rebuild the store. We’ve used color temperatures around the store based on what divison of the store you are located in. For example have we used 2700K in the Kitchen departement so that you have the same color temperature on the light here as you have at home.

In the departement for Appliances we’ve used 3200K and 3000K in the rest of the store.

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Runar Skaflem
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