Norlux Hospitality

CHiÔi Restaurant

The assignment for the restaurant CHiÔi in Stockholm was to create an evocative and welcoming restaurant experience, where the light should heighten the premises ambience.

Well blended luminaires in combination with decorative pendants and spotlights where you can adjust the light distribution, has made it possible to set the light with contrasts and shadows. A complete light control system from Casambi, allows the personnel the opportunity to select the correct lighting level and mood according to needs through the day.

The project was in collaboration with Idéokoncept AB.

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Norlux Retail

Sport 1 Snø

Norlux is the supplier of retail lighting to the Sport 1 chain, where we are proud to have delivered the lighting to Sport 1 Snø. The large-scale store, 2000m², is probably the most pleasant sports store in the Norway at the moment.

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