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Hos Martin – Victoria

With a bakery, restaurant and event rooms, the family-driven restaurateur, Hos Martin can now be found on the first floor of the newly renovated Hotel Victoria in Frederikstad. The comprehensive modernization demanded a flexible lighting solution that underscored the precise atmosphere suited for all occasions. Let’s take a closer look at the lighting solutions we chose.

Located close to Cathedral Park in Fredrikstad. the modernist brick building from 1938, is an iconic part of the city’s identity. Norlux was engaged by hotel’s new owners in 2021, when the renovation began, starting with the hotel before embarking on the premises for Hos Martin. In collaboration with Ørseng Interiørarkitektur, Norlux’s hospitality team created a lighting solution that met the requirements of Hos Martin and safeguarded the building’s modernist style.

Entering Hos Martin, you’re immediately met by a counter for bakery sales and a dining area furnished with long tables and bar seating. The Crux copper pendant suspended above the tables, provides a warm ambience creating a homely experience. The low seating area by the windows is illuminated by the classic Anton wall luminaires, with the track light Zoom Mini, controlling the balance between light and shadow. Zoom Mini allows precise light targeting by adjusting the beam angle from 5° to 60°, an excellent lighting tool for hospitality spaces. The recessed spotlight Tania Mini Basic and Cold 5, contribute to the warm general ambience without creating unwanted distractions.

At the serving counter, the evergreen track light, Lobus, is designed to bring out the best of the bakery produce and sales experience. The serving counter is a central point in the space that ties the bakery outlet with the restaurant area.

In the banquet hall, a green oasis with its glass ceilings, foliage and sand-coloured tiles, is suspended the pendant Alva with its textile shades, adding to the experience. As a supplement to Alva, the track lights, Zoom and Zoom Mini provide lighting flexibility in the banquet hall regardless of the event. The use of LED strip lighting helps to create a warm, homely atmosphere highlighting the brown-strained wooden construction.

The Chambre Séparée – an exclusive separate meeting/dining room, is illuminated with a combination of track lights, Tania Mini, pendants, Ombro and LED strips.

In the toilets, we utilized the wall-mounted Dioscuri from Artemide. With the challenges of the low ceiling heights, we chose LED panels, mounted in black frames.

For the lighting control solution for this project, we chose the user-friendly and cost-effective Casambi control system, which after minimal training allows the personnel to create their own lighting settings.

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Apiales 7 Plafond Brushed Brass


Alva Pendant Rust


Crux Pendant Copper


Ombro Pendant Copper

Zoom Spotlight

Zoom Spotlight Black

Zoom Spotlight

Zoom Mini Spotlight Black

Zoom Spotlight

Zoom Mini Spotlight White

Track mounted – Ø70-150

Lobus BI Spotlight White

Track mounted – Ø40-60

Tania Mini Spotlight Black

Recessed Spotlight

Tania Mini Basic White


Cold 5 Downlight White

LED strips

LED-Strips 28,8W/m


Anton Wall Lamp 18 cm


Surface Mount Frame Kit for Panel

Recessed Fixtures



Artemide Dioscuri wall/ceiling 14


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