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Smart and modern residence

The homes of the future are smart, energy efficient and convenient. In this home, we have combined decorative and functional lighting adapted to the home’s architecture with sophisticated, user-friendly light and heat management. Join us for a tour of this stylish new residence.

Norlux was commissioned to supply lighting plans and lighting for this modern residence on the outskirts of Tønsberg. Our focus was to create an atmosphere with lighting that is pleasant to live in. Fixtures with recessed light sources have been chosen due to their low glare. In addition, we have supplied solutions for lighting and heat management.

With its twelve hand-blown glass balls, the Puppet pendant lamp from Vistosi is a decorative element that brings an air of elegance into the living room.

The discreet but functional Tania Mini Basic has been chosen together with the Zoom Recessed downlight as basic lighting in the living room and kitchen. The ability to tilt the light makes these luminaires excellent choices for pitched ceilings.

Ceto Mini Fixed downlights are used in the hallway and living room on the first floor. Ceto Mini has a recessed light source, and its light beam “paints” a pleasant looking image on the walls.

Above the mirror in the bathroom we find the elegant bathroom fixture Hali. Basic lighting in the bathroom is provided by Cold 5 downlight and Cold 5 Outdoor above the shower. There is also an LED strip in the niche above the toilet.

Tigrus 360° Square Double downlight is used in the laundry room, and outdoors we find Gemma Square Downlight and Plaza Up&Down.

Light and heat control

Where light is supplied, lighting control can also be supplied. This saves further energy and results in lower electricity bills. In addition, it is easy to operate and increases living comfort.

Lutron’s home management system Ra2 Select and heat management from Heatmiser have been used in this home.

Lutron Ra2 Select is an advanced and flexible smart home lighting system that gives you full control over the lighting and other connected devices in your home. This system is designed to give you a seamless and user-friendly experience, whether you’re at home or away.

With Lutron Ra2 Select, you can control the lighting in your home from both a practical app on your smartphone or tablet, but also wireless physical switches. You can adjust the brightness, turn the lights on or off and even create timed scenes for automated lighting control based on your preferences or routines. This makes it possible to optimize energy consumption and create the perfect atmosphere in any room.

In this home, we have used black switches with black frames as requested by the customer, and used the Lutron Ra2 Select phase cut dimmer in all zones.

Here we have also delivered smart heat management, with the Heatmiser neoStat e-V2. It has a clear and intuitive user interface that makes it easy to adjust the temperature and program schedules for the heating directly from the thermostat or via an associated app on your smartphone.

One of the standout features of the Heatmiser Neostat V2 is its ability to learn from your preferences and habits. The thermostat can adapt to your routines over time and automatically adjust the temperature according to your needs, which helps to maximize comfort and minimize energy consumption.

Both of these systems can be integrated with Apple’s HomeKit platform, where you can collect both systems’ functions in one and the same app. This opens up the possibility of combined control of both heat and light, but also other Apple Homekit products.

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Vistosi Puppet 12


Tania Mini Basic


Zoom Recessed


Ceto Mini Fixed

Zoom Spotlight

Hali Bathroom


Cold 5


Cold 5 Outdoor


Tigrus 360° Square Double


Gemma Square Downlight


Plaza Up&Down


RA2 Select Smart Home

Heating and Control

Heatmiser neoStat-e v.2


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